Doctor Dispense has services available for Private, Medicare, Workers' Comp and Cash practices. We have expertise in all areas of pharmaceutical programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of your facility.

Manufacturer Distribution - Utilizing our advanced dispensing and inventory management platform, product manufacturers can eliminate complicated distribution channels and inventory related issues by moving products directly to the point-of-care. Our programs work for branded, generic, and specialty items which do not work well in the normal pharmacy distribution channel. Please contact us to find out more about these specialized programs.

Pre-packaged medications - We offer a full line of generic, brand, and specialty products. We have established relationships with pharmaceutical distributors, as well as DME, surgical supply, and specialty product vendors. Allowing us to tailor solutions specific to the needs of your business and patient demographic. A combination of the best products, pricing and services available. Including Schedule II through IV products, Injectables, DME, Surgical packs and supplies, Medical foods, Transdermal creams, supplements, labels, product bags, and much more.

Controlled Reporting - We understand the need to have a turnkey solution with all the services required to allow you and your staff to focus on patient care. Doctor Dispense submits all State required reporting for your controlled medications. From Schedule II products in Arizona, to Schedule III products in California and Nevada, as well as all other States (where required by law).

Customer Support - Customer support and your Account Executive will take care of all requests, providing you with up to date information on the products you and your patients need.
  • Customer support through our 800 number
  • Live support through the online application
  • E-mail and Fax communication
  • Online, automated and or fax ordering available
  • Online billing information, stickers, and labels
  • Electronic invoices and tracking information
  • Product expiration management
On-line reporting - All automated reports are provided at no additional charge. Designate the people who are to receive the reports and our system takes care of the rest. All reports available online. Sample list:
  • State controlled substance reporting - weekly automated process for all sites
  • Electronic logging of all dispense transactions. No more manual logs.
  • Dispense summary / revenue statement
  • Product pricing change notifications
  • Re-order notifications with pricing detail
  • Past due / billing reminders
Multiple Clinic Groups - We provide a customer portal that allows your staff to manage all locations through a centralized application.
  • We provide a customer portal that allows your staff to manage all locations through a centralized application.
  • Individual account numbers for each location
  • Global reporting with transaction volume
  • Track productivity at the clinic and doctor level
  • Manage AR and invoices online
  • Centralized order approval solution with e-mail notification of pending orders
  • Apply internal PO numbers for easy accounting reconciliation
Real-Time Work Comp Reimbursement and Billing Updates - DrD Online automatically notifies your designated staff, by e-mail and fax, of all State fee schedule changes in real-time. You will receive these updates before the effective date for all products in your formulary. (California only)
  • Updated medication / products reimbursements to keep your billing staff current with the latest state fee schedule.
  • Real-time reimbursement information is available online through the dispensing software and in the customer portal.
  • Billing reports available in exportable format to capture all dispense transactions. Don't miss out on billable transactions.
I have really been impressed with the customer service! They are very prompt, Friendly and consistant!

Tanya D.
Turlock, CA

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